At SKUDA we’re not just a Hoverboard Shop. We want our customers to get the maximum out of their new Electric Scooter or Swegway purchase. For this reason, we’re willing to always go the extra mile and provide an aftercare service like no other place does.


Aftercare Service, Electric Scooter & Hoverboard Shop


SKUDA is proud to offer the best Aftercare Service in the business. We take pride in supplying the best in Electric Scooter and Swegways for sale. Visit our Hoverboard Shop either online or at our retail store for the greatest Hoverboards on sale. Exclusively at SKUDA.

We take great pride and have confidence in the quality assurance of our Electric Scooters, Hoverboards and Swegways. Furthermore, our quality of aftercare service in the industry has built a fantastic reputation with our customers old and new. We know that the choices you need to make when purchasing an Electric Scooter or Hoverboard is not easy. From the moment you purchase your Hoverboard securely with us through to the moment you receive your item – we make it as seamless as possible. Furthermore, it is in our interest to make sure that our customers get the full experience and use of their investment. For this reason, SKUDA are implementing services to our customers that make it special and your SKUDA purchase all the more worthwhile.

Aftercare Service: Electric Scooter & Hoverboard Shop

Aftercare Service: Electric Scooter & Hoverboard Shop

Our Electric Scooter and Hoverboard Shop’s after Service is truly unique. At SKUDA. we put a lot of emphasis on keeping our customers pleased. We’re confident that our bespoke premium Electric Scooters and Hoverboards for sale are one of the best in the UK. However, we want to add that extra layer of guarantee for our customers. How’s that for peace of mind?

  • FREE Electric Scooter Warranty
    If you purchase any one of our Premium Electric Scooters for sale you’ll instantly get a warranty on the product. Therefore, should anything happen to your Electric Scooter then we’ll have it covered under our warranty aftercare service.
  • FREE Hoverboard & Swegway Warranty
    By purchasing any of our Swegways or Hoverboards for sale, you’ll instantly receive a 1-year warranty. This warranty service covers the electrical components for 12-months and the battery for 6 months. Therefore, in the unlikely event of an electrical fault by wear and tear, then we will have it either repaired or replaced under our warranty service.
  • FREE Next day delivery
    For each purchase you make at, we’ll make sure it arrives to your door the very next day.
  • 24- hour Customer and Aftercare Service
    Our lines are open 24/7, 365 days a year on 0113 493 1994. Therefore, customers can always call us whatever the time of day and speak to one of our specialist Hoverboard and Electric Scooter engineers.
  • Advice & tips on looking after your Electric Scooter or Hoverboard
    From time to time we’ll provide you with advice and tips on looking after your Electric Scooter or Hoverboard.
  • A refreshing selection of website content
    We’ll consistently provide our SKUDA. family with all the relevant industry Electric Scooter and Hoverboard Shop news. These include articles, tutorials and interactive videos created and shared by our very own experts.

The trustworthy Hoverboard shop UK

Trustworthy Hoverboard Shop UK, aftercare service

SKUDA. is revered as the most trustworthy Hoverboard shop. This is due to our highest levels of customer care. Our formula allows us to offer all our new Electric Scooter and Hoverboard owners value and an exceptional product. This is all due to our rigorous quality control protocols and benchmarks of quality and service.

Our warranty service terms are simple and straightforward:

“Our SKUDA. Hoverboards come with a 1-year Swegway warranty and a 6-month battery warranty. However, this is subject to proper care for and reasonable use of our boards and their parts.”

Every single one of our SKUDA. riders deserve top service. In order to keep it synonymous for each one of our valued customers, we’ve made it policy. Our objective is to develop a relationship of loyalty and respect from the moment you purchase your Hoverboard or Electric Scooter for sale and beyond.

At SKUDA. all our Hoverboards for sale are designed in the UK before manufacturing. Each board is then tested by independent UK testers for quality, reliability and most of all safety. We have attained a large number of UK Compliance certifications for our Hoverboards and Swegways. This is what makes us one of the UK’s most trustworthy Hoverboard shop.

If you have any further questions about our Aftercare Service, Electric Scooter or Hoverboard Shop simply give us a call. Our lines are open 24/7 on 0113 493 1994.


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