Buying Hoverboards Securely can be daunting for many UK Swegway customers. With an influx of many websites selling Hoverboards for Sale, it’s difficult to ascertain their reputability. At SKUDA, all our payments for Hoverboards and Electric Scooters are safe and secure. We use SSL encryption and 3D secure layer technology for all payments via our online shop.

Safe Shopping buying Hoverboards securely

At SKUDA we take pride in our customer safety. This transcends in our products being 100% UK Safe complaint all way through to the payment process being SSL secure. When you purchase a Hoverboard or Electric Scooter for sale, we can guarantee the safety and security of your information.

When you purchase a SKUDA Hoverboard from us, we’ll make sure that the process is as simple and seamless as possible. Furthermore, our privacy policy means that we do not save any of your personal data while keeping it locked and secure throughout the checkout process.

We have also opened several payment platforms for our SKUDA customers. These include our 3D secure server. With this, customers can purchase a Hoverboard or Electric Scooter with any major credit or debit card issuer.

In this article, we’ll outline some of the payment services we provide to our customers.

Buying Hoverboards Securely

buying hoverboards securely safe Hoverboards for sale

When purchasing a UK Swegway or Hoverboard for sale, we ensure that our customers are secure from beginning to end. With this in mind, we open some of the most major and reputable payment processing services to all our customers.

Secure PayPal Payments

Paypal is one of the leading providers of online payments. The sections below detail the merits and reasons SKUDA use this service.

  • Technology
    Paypal incorporates several anti-fraudulent systems in to the transaction process. This ensures we will receive your payments promptly and dispatch your order immediately once the payment is accepted. The technology embedded in our website in conjunction with Paypal’s fraudulent transaction detection system equates to a safe and efficient shopping experience on our site for everyone.
  • Secure Payment Expertise
    We have selected to use Paypal due to their many years of experience within the payment industry. PayPal process over a billion pounds worth of transactions yearly and work alongside anti-fraud agencies to provide a secure payment medium for customers worldwide. Therefore, if you’re looking at buying Hoverboards securely, then this is as secure as it can possibly get.
  • Privacy
    SKUDA prides itself on its customer focus. Therefore, protecting customer information is extremely important to us. Using PayPal on means we never see your bank account or payment card details. Payments are authenticated via customer email addresses and through a well-established verification process.

For more information on Paypal’s safety and security please visit here.

Paying via Secure Debit/Credit Card

Buying Hoverboards Securely has never been easier. We have teamed up with one of the UK’s largest and most reputable credit/debit card merchants. Due to this, SKUDA are able to securely accept your purchase via 3D secure SSL encryption methods.

When making a payment via merchant services, you’ll instantly get verification that your payment is successful. Once this is done, customers will receive an automatic receipt via e-mail upon placing the order. Due to this, payments taken via this method will have the advantage of same-day dispatch. Therefore, customers who place orders before 2pm can expect their Hoverboard or Electric Scooter to be delivered the very next day!

Buying Hoverboards Securely: Cash on Collection

Many customers have a genuine fear of making purchases online. This is understandable especially due to the many hoax websites circulating the internet. Therefore, SKUDA have opened the ability for customers to visit our Hoverboard and Electric Scooter retail shop in person! That’s right, our Hoverboard and Scooter shop based in Leeds, West Yorkshire lets customers walk in to our retail store to personally pick up a SKUDA.

We understand that all customers lead different lifestyles and awaiting a postal delivery may be inconvenient for some. The benefits of purchasing a Hoverboard directly form our retail shop include the following

  • Customers do not need to own a credit/debit card to buy a Hoverboard or Electric Scooter.
  • Quick delivery – Customers do not need to wait for delivery. Even though our delivery is free and fast, there’s nothing quicker than a same-day collection. Surprise a loved one with that last-minute gift!
  • Receiving your product – We only take payment when you are happy with your SKUDA product. We will unbox and showcase the Hoverboard or Scooter right in front of you. We will only take your payment once you are completely happy with the items prior to making your purchase.


For more information about buying Hoverboards securely, why not get in touch? our lines are open 24/7 on 0113 493 1994.