In this article we aim to provide you with advice on Hoverboard personal safety. Self-Balancing Scooters and Swegways for sale at SKUDA are mostly for all ages. However, we do recommend supervision whilst your younger children are using them to guarantee that they’re riding their Swegway Safely.

Hoverboard Personal Safety_Riding Swegway safely

Hoverboard personal safety and riding your Swegway safely is important yet often overlooked. Therefore, we aim to make this article in hope that we can raise some awareness. We love to supply our UK consumers with British Hoverboards. However, we don’t like it when our customers misuse their products or put themselves or their loved ones in danger.

For this reason, we aim to create some guidance notes for our customers so that they can maintain riding their Swegway Safely. If you find this article helpful then perhaps you may be interested in reading our other helpful pages. If so, take a look at the following:

At SKUDA we have a large range of Self-Balancing Scooters, Swegways and Hoverboards for sale. Each of these products have been designed for all ages. However, there is a minimum weight requirement for some models, so be sure to check before you buy!

If you are purchasing a Hoverboard for your child, then we recommend a few Hoverboard Personal Safety Guidelines. This includes supervision whilst younger children are riding on their Swegways to ensure that they are using their Swegway Safely.

Hoverboard Personal Safety

Hoverboard Personal Safety UK Swegways

To ensure all riders are protected, we recommend the use of Hoverboard personal safety equipment. Examples of this include:

  • Helmets or protective headwear
  • Elbow pads & knee pads
  • Foot wear with sufficient grip

If you have already read our ‘how Hoverboards work‘ page you will notice that these Hoverboards only accelerate once pressure is applied to the footpads and the gyroscopes are activated. The happens only once the device is mounted. Due to this, we caution customers to stand on their Hoverboards carefully and on flat or even surfaces to begin with. This is especially important for riders who are first beginning to get the hang of their Hoverboard.

For those who are first starting out on their Swegways, we recommend you begin indoors. This is because naturally the floor is softer than concrete. As you begin, you will be more likely to stumble or fall. Therefore, it is advisable that the rider surrounds themselves by carpeted floor and/or a cushion area.

Having said this however, it is fairly easy to get the hang of riding a Hoverboard. With the correct Hoverboard Personal Safety equipment and by making sure you ride your Swegway Safely, riders usually get the hang of them in no time!

Riding Your Swegway Safely

Riding Swegway Safely Hoverboards UK

At SKUDA we advocate riding your Swegway Safely. Therefore, we produce this article in aim to raise awareness for correct Hoverboard Personal Safety. All SKUDA Hoverboards have a speed limit to ensure maximum joy without compromising on your personal safety. Staying within the specified speed limit and abiding by the instructions highlighted in the user manual ensures that the rider uses their Swegway safely.

Hoverboards for Sale can support any rider up to 120kg. The maximum speed limit for each Hoverboard is roughly 12 km/h. Within the Samsung batteries the Hoverboard has a safety mechanism that cuts the Swegway out if the Hoverboard is put under heavy strain. Furthermore, riders who reach the speed limit may also hear a beeping noise. This alerts the rider that they are reaching potentially dangerous speed and to be more assertive.

If you are thinking of riding your Hoverboard in public places, please take the time to check local and national laws regarding Swegways and Self-Balancing Scooter use in public areas. Some councils may prohibit the use of Hoverboards on public roads and footpaths. These laws are in place to protect you and the public against harm.

Charging Your UK Swegway Safely

Some customers often charge their Hoverboards without proper care. In this article we will briefly touch on the method to charging your UK Swegway Safely. To begin with, please ensure that you have a suitable charging socket selected for recharging your SKUDA Hoverboard. The following safety advice must also be taken in to consideration:

  • Use only the charger provided to charge your device. The charger provided is a UL Certified charger and using alternative chargers may void your warranty and cause damage to your Hoverboard.
  • Do not charge your Swegway in a wet environment. Most Hoverboards for sale are not waterproof. It’s important to remember that Swegways are electrical components. Therefore, customers must adopt the same safety measure as any other electrical product.
  • Do not charge your device for any longer than 3 hours at a time. The batteries are Lithium-Ion batteries and are prone to depleting if you charge it for prolonged hours. Hoverboards are fast-charging and therefore 2 hours is usually more than enough. If you are charging your device for any longer than 3 hours then you could risk irreversible damage to your Swegway.
  • Do not over-charge or under-charge your Swegway.

Swegways & Hoverboards for Sale UK

Our high quality premium SKUDA Swegways and Hoverboards for Sale guarantees that customers are getting the best in UK Swegways. SKUDA specialises in 100% electric eco-friendly transportation devices and each of our Hoverboards, Swegways and Electric Scooters for sale emit zero-carbon emissions.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a 100% UK Complaint, Safe Hoverboard for sale then SKUDA is the #1 choice. We’re one of the UK’s largest independent retailer of Hoverboards, Swegways and Electric Scooters.

Would you like more information about Hoverboard Personal Safety or riding your Swegway Safely? If so, please call us on 0113 493 1994. Our lines are open 24/7 so customers can call any time!


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