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UK Swegway Reviews Hoverboard Reviews

You may have already read our other guides such as how Hoverboards work and how to ride a Hoverboard. If so, then you’ll probably be interested in our Hoverboard Reviews.

With so many different Hoverboards for sale, it’s often tough to decide on which is the best one for you. Therefore, SKUDA is offering a helping hand by creating Hoverboard Reviews. In this, our Swegway reviews will highlight some of the best Swegways and Hoverboards for sale and the differences between each.

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Hoverboard Reviews UK

Hoverboards Reviews UK Swegway reviews

If you’ve been following the Hoverboard hype over the last few years then you will already know there is a huge variety of Swegways, Electric Scooters and Hoverboards for Sale. Each with their unique characteristics and specifications, our Hoverboard reviews hopefully will bring light to some of these differences. We know as consumers you want to know the difference between the Hoverboard models available. Therefore, our Swegway Reviews will break it down for you into a nice comparison table.

Due to the large variety of Electric Scooters on the market, we won’t only include the ever-popular 2-wheel Self-Balancing Scooter and Hoverboard. Instead, we’ll also include a review of the original Segway it handles and the single-wheel variation of the Hoverboard. Furthermore, we’ll give you a little sneak peek in to the future of Hoverboards; the ones that actually suspend in the air!

Classic UK Swegway Reviews

Classic UK Swegway Reviews Hoverboards for Sale

In this section we give you UK Swegway Reviews on the Classic Hoverboard for sale. This Hoverboard is the most common type on the market, boasting a top speed of 12 km/h and can cover a distance of 10-15 miles on a single charge. Charging time takes only 2 hours to achieve a full charge on these Hoverboards. Due to their solid rubber tyres and 350w wheel-motors, the Classic Hoverboard for sale can ride comfortably over numerous types of terrain.

The Classic Hoverboard for sale is best with use on smooth flat surfaces. It has the ability to tackle uphill climbs with generic terrain being not a problem for these Hoverboards. Due to this, riders can effortlessly climb inclines of up to 15 degrees. These Swegways for sale can also handle a maximum weight of 120kg, weighing in at approximately 11 kg. At this moment in time, we’re giving away free carrier bags with every Classic Hoverboard purchase so that you can comfortably carry your Swegway around. Depending on where you purchase these Hoverboards, it can cost anything up to £350. However, at SKUDA you can purchase a 100% UK Compliant Hoverboard for sale from only £199.99.

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UK Hoverboard Reviews

Shop UK Hovebroard Reviews Swegway Reviews

In this section of Hoverboard Reviews we’ll highlight the key characteristics of the Bluetooth Swegways and Hoverboards for sale. In essence, this is the classic 6.5 inch Swegway with a slightly different design. The key difference with the Bluetooth Hoverboards is of course the built-in Bluetooth speakers. Due to this upgraded design, riders can enjoy their favourite music directly from their phone or tablet device to the Swegway, all whilst gliding on your Hoverboard.

Besides this, the specifications within the Bluetooth Hoverboards for sale are all the same. Each Bluetooth Hoverboard comes with the same premium quality components and circuits. Including Samsung batteries, BS1363 approved fused plugs and an array of safety certifications. Therefore, stats such as charge time, top speed, maximum range, weight etc. are all similar to the Classic Hoverboard. Due to the upgraded PCB component which allows for built-in Bluetooth, prices for such a product is only slightly more expensive than its classic sibling. Typically, these Bluetooth Hoverboards can cost you an extra £70, taking these Hoverboards up to £350 and more expensive elsewhere.

However, SKUDA Hoverboards for sale come with Bluetooth speakers included. Our premium quality Disco Hoverboards for sale with Bluetooth included start from only £209.99. Click here to shop for our Bluetooth Swegways for sale NOW.

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Off-Road Hoverboard Reviews

Off Road Hoverboard Reviews Swegways for Sale UK

In this Off-Road Hoverboard Reviews section, we outline some of the most magical characteristics of the all-terrain Swegway for sale. The Off-Road Hoverboards for sale at SKUDA are the single most robust Swegways on sale today. Due to their huge 8.5 inch wide solid tyres and off-road treading, these Hoverboards can handle the most toughest of terrain amongst the entire Swegway range.

Furthermore, the 8.5 inch Off-Road Hoverboards also include Bluetooth Speakers as standard. In addition to this, the Hummer X-Trail Swegways are also IP54 water-resistant (not waterproof). Therefore, riders no longer have to worry about damaging their boards when it suddenly rains.

The bodywork of this Swegway makes for a stronger and more robust Hoverboard overall. As well as this, there is front and rear LED lights allowing for better road visibility and clarity throughout the 360 degrees of the Hoverboard.

The Off Road Swegways have a recommended minimum weight requirement of 35-40kg. However, thanks to SKUDA engineering and self-levelling technology developments, some of our Off-Road Hoverboards have instant gyroscopic activation systems. Therefore, riders of all weight categories are able to enjoy the most robust off-road Hoverboard for sale.

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10-inch UK Swegway Reviews

10-inch UK Swegway Reviews Hoverboards for Sale

In this section of 10-inch UK Swegway Reviews we highlight some of the key specifications of the 10 inch Hoverboard for sale. These 10-inch Hoverboards are primarily based on the classic model but are much larger in size. However, a key difference is also in this unique models tyres. The 10 inch Swegway is the only model of its kind that comes with inflatable wheels. Therefore, those who want to experience the smoothest ride are better off with the 10-inch Hoverboard for sale.

Equal in all the specifications to the Classic Hoverboard, the main difference being the much larger wheel-base and tyres. Due to the larger size, the Mammoth Hoverboard provides a much greater ground clearance than any other Swegway model. Furthermore, the larger wheels also mean that it can handle larger bumps and rides better on bumpy surfaces.

These Hoverboards are great fun when combined with our Suspension Hoverkarts for sale. Riders can convert their Hoverboard in to a Go-Kart and experience the ride of their life. At SKUDA we have a wide variety of Mammoth 10-inch Hoverboards for Sale in-store and online. Simply select your most preferable design and proceed to the checkout. Be sure to take a look at our Hoverkart bundle deals and special offers for the best one-off deals exclusively at SKUDA.

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Single-Wheel Hoverboard Review

Single-wheel Hoverboard Review UK Swegway Sale

The single-wheel Hoverboard review variant of the Swegway can be thought of as an electric unicycle. The difference with this device is most evident in the design. The 1-wheel Swegway functions as the rider positions their feet on the foot rests on either sides of the wheel.

Riders may also experience a reduction in stability at first since both legs are closer together. With time however, the rider gets better as they gain experience. Such Hoverboards are not that great when riding over uneven surfaces but due to their wheel-size, it can handle better than the Classic 6.5 inch Hoverboard on bumps. The other specifications such as rider weight, maximum distance, top speed, maximum incline and charge times remain the same.

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Levitating ‘Real’ Hoverboard Review

Levitating real Hoverboard Review, SKUDA.

Ever wondered if there is such a thing as a real levitating Hoverboard? Well there [almost] is! Although still in prototype phase, it may be a while before we re-enact the scenes from Back To The Future with people riding around on Real Levitating Hoverboards. The progress of such a prototype is a step towards making that future a reality. In fact, in the above image is Tony Hawk literally testing a real-life levitating Hoverboard; how exciting!

The legend Tony Hawk became the latest big name to test out the levitating Hoverboard. This real Hoverboard hovers up to 2cm above ground. You can imagine however that although Tony Hawk makes it look easy, manoeuvring on these Hoverboards is difficult and requires great practice.

As most prototypes go, there is no official specification available for this model. Therefore, we do not have an estimated production day or retail price.

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Original Segway Review

Original Segway Review Hoverboards sale UK

We provide the Original Segway Review which many mistake for the Swegway. Believe it or not, SEGWAY do not manufacture, design or produce the Hoverboard. Much of the Hoverboard engineering is inspired by the Segway, hence the confusion.

This brings us to the original Segway. Segways have existed long before the Hoverboard began to dominate the market. While the Self-Balancing Scooter and Hoverboard can be likened to a Skateboard, the original Segway is in essence a Mobility Scooter. Generally, Segways such as the above model shown has a charging time of 8-hours and weighs approx. 43kg. The Segway can take riders of a maximum 180kg. However, with this comes even greater performance specifications. The Segway has approximately 30 miles range and top speeds of up to 29 km/h. It also has the capability to climb up-hill of 30 degrees incline. Having said this, the extra performance comes at a great cost. Segways for sale can cost up to an insane £5000.

Electric Scooters Reviews

SKUDA Electric Scooters Sale L8F

After years of developing the perfect Electric Scooter, SKUDA finally hit the nail on the head. Customers can finally purchase the best Electric Commuter Scooter for sale directly from SKUDA! The latest addition to our huge range of Eco-Friendly scooters, the L8 and L8F Electric Push Scooters are remarkable.

Our Electric Scooters for sale have digital on-screen LED display and can carry speeds of up to 30 km/h. For added control, the KooWheel Electric Scooter has a highly astute electric brake plus foot brake. This allows the rider to use both forms of breaking for better control. A single charge can last up to 40km range and with a charge time of only 2.5 hours.

Bright head and tail lights not only improve vision, clarity and safety but also make the Electric Scooter look beautiful and elegant. The completely foldable handlebars and frame lets the rider to easily be able to carry or transport the Electric Scooter in and out of busy or tight spaces.

Each SKUDA Electric Scooter for sale comes equipped with shock absorption capabilities and 8-inch solid pneumatic tyres. The Electric Push Scooters also have a massive IP65 waterproof grading and are also dust-proof! This is an even better IP grading than our Off-Road Hoverboards for sale, making the Electric Push Scooters far better for overall outdoor use.

Of course, it also goes without saying that at SKUDA all our Electric Push Scooters are UK Compliant. Each Scooter includes UL Certifications, UL Chargers and are CE, RoHS, FCC certified.

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Hoverboards for Sale – which Swegway should I buy?

Considering the above Hoverboard reviews and comparisons between each Swegway Hoverboard for sale, we bet you’re wondering which Swegway you should buy.

The different type of Hoverboards reviewed have a common feature in their functionality. The noticeable thing is that each of these Swegways are eco-friendly and contribute zero emissions to the environment. However, each Hoverboard for sale is slightly different and is accustomed to different people.

Many customers are unsure what UK Swegways they should purchase. Especially because the majority searching Hoverboards for sale have never purchased one before. Therefore, SKUDA is here to help answer whatever questions or queries you might have before making your all-important Swegway purchase. Simply call us on 0113 492 1994 and one of our specialists will help answer all your questions.

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